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The exact size of the Ukrainian computer software market is difficult to measure, because both major subsectors of the computer software market - the imported software and the software development - feel a severe impact of the shadow economy. Imported software dominates in the market. The need to unify access to multiple information silos, enabling sharing and analysis across formats and repositories has become critical.

Ukraine is well known as a low cost site for high quality software development. Unofficial estimates indicate that this industry employs 25,000 programmers.

The exact size and structure of the Ukrainian computer hardware market is difficult to measure, since local assembly and shadow imports of components remain key factors. Sales estimates for 2009 show a decline of 45% (compared to 2008) in the segments of desktop and laptop PCs. The sharpest decrease in sales among all types of IT equipment was for servers - 66% for X86 servers and 44% for RISC/EPIC servers.

Opportunities: System integration solutions and Data warehousing development. There will be a World Bank Tender in the spring of 2010 (Public Finance Modernization Project) for application software & field hardware & network equipment

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