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Overview: Chile's market for computers and peripherals had a decline during 2009, due to the negative impact of the world economic crisis. Statistical data shows an import decrease compared to 2008; however, for 2010, this tendency should be reversed, with an 8% import increase.
The demand for notebooks and netbooks in this market continues not only for home use, but for the small office segment, and at the corporate level as well. This demand is based on the functionality, light weight, attractive prices and wide variety of brands present in the Chilean market; i.e. HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Packard Bell, Asus, and Acer.

The “Digital Strategy, 2007 – 2012”, implemented by the Chilean government to further the country's information technology development and to foster Chile's overall progress, is expected to continue with the new Piñera administration (taking office in March 2010). It includes: a) increasing connectivity and access, which represents a geographic breach between distant regions and the central part of the country; b) electronic government, to provide innovative solutions for an integrated and transparent management and administration; c) adoption of ITC in the private sector and clusters, to foster SMEs in ITC use and decrease the gap between large companies and small ones; d) education and training, to further infrastructure and ITC use in the country's public school system and among the adult population, IT training to improve the education level of the most disadvantaged; e) off shoring, as a strategic niche for the country's development; and f) improvement of environmental conditions, applicable to all previous steps.

Opportunities: Hardware: hard drives with enhanced memory capacity for fast and optimal performance; laptops including CD/DVC copying capabilities; cards for wireless internet access; etc.

Software: antivirus with pro-active protection: software that monitors computer processes by detecting threats and eliminating viruses.

IT and software application services, especially for the development and implementation of solutions for industrial production processes, are also good prospects.

The IT services market should continue to be boosted by the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement's guarantee of non-discriminatory access for U.S. service providers.

Joint ventures with local information technology companies. Strengthen e-government via strategic partnerships with foreign companies providing state-of-the-art digital technologies and software.

  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)