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Overview: In 2009, the total Hungarian IT market of USD 2.88 billion decreased by 15 percent; the sale of hardware products fell by 26 percent, that of the software products by 6 percent and the services market shrunk by 5 percent. In 2010, within the stagnating IT market only the sale of
hardware products is expected to increase, the software market will stagnate, whereas the services market will even decrease by 1 percent. IDC Hungary expects a 4-5 percent increase of the IT market in 2011 reaching the 2008 level by 2012.

A joint survey of IDC Hungary and Microsoft Hungary showed that the hardware market still represents 40 percent of the total IT market, whereas the software market amounts to 24 percent and services to 36 percent. The structure of the market will not change in 2010.

Hardware market: Smart phones; Increasing need for mobility driving the notebook and netbook market; PCs (increased demand generated by the Windows 7 upgrade starting from 2nd- half of 2010); Blade servers linked to server virtualization; NAS based storage devices (increased demand also from the SME segment); Wi-Fi enabled printers and Multifunction Printers (MFPs); 3rd party consumables for printers, MFPs, and copiers.

Software market: Business intelligence (reporting tools and analytical applications, in particular); Virtualization (desktop virtualization in the finance sector, server virtualization in medium businesses); IT security software (Data Loss Prevention (DLP), identity and access management, security and vulnerability management, in particular); Middleware (Integration and Business Process Management suites, and enterprise portals); and Storage software (archiving and storage infrastructure management)

Within the second, so called “New Hungary” National Development plan EU funds are available until Dec. 31, 2010 for the technology development of SMEs from tenders issued in 2009 but extended.

Funds from the Economic Operative Programs GOP 2.2.1 (HUF 4.45 billion= USD 22 million) and GOP 2.2.3 (HUF 3.45 billion =USD 17 million) can be spent on the procurement of enterprise work flow management software and e-commerce solutions.

In 2010 new tenders will be issued in March and May and will be open for two months: GOP 2.1.1./B in worth of HUF 13 billion (USD 64 mn) for technology development GOP 2.1.1./C in worth of HUF 9,45 billion (USD 47 mn) for technology development GOP 3.4.1. in worth of HUF 16 billion (USD 79 mn) for establishing Enterprise ASP centers.

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