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Overview: The Egyptian government’s plan to cover Upper Egypt and rural areas with new sewage system networks, and portable water stations will be limited due insufficient funds. However, Egypt is an active beneficiary of World Bank financing for major projects in the environment sector. This provides an added advantage for U.S. companies offering advanced technologies to increase their market share beyond the current estimated value of 40%.
Best Products/Services: Solid Waste Management Equipment and Operation; Incinerators; Industrial Filters; Landfills; Equipment for Recycling Plants; Kits for Converting Motor Vehicles to Use Natural Gas; Filters to Reduce Particle Emissions from Cement Factory Smokestacks; Equipment and Filters to Reduce the Pollution Coming from Power Plants; Sanitary Wastewater Projects; Composting Programs; Water and Sludge Treatment Projects; and Filters and Services.

Opportunities: There are opportunities for U.S. firms in recycling and waste management. The GOE is also seeking clean methods to recycle agriculture waste to reduce the air pollution caused by Egyptian farmers who burn the waste.

  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)