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Overview: The government has identified pollution control as an emerging industry, targeting Taiwan to become a major exporter of environmental equipment and services to the Asia Pacific region. In recent years, local manufacturers of pollution control equipment have upgraded their technologies, and their exports have become more strongly competitive. Major foreign suppliers include Japan, Germany, the United States, and South Korea, comprising 73.1% of the import market. In 2006, Japan led the import market, accounting for 33.6% of total imports, followed by the United States with 25.7%, and Germany with 13.8%. Even though local manufacturers supply the majority of the environmental market with low-cost and medium- to high-technology products, the market still relies on foreign suppliers for some advanced environmental technologies.

Best Products/Services: Ultra pure water equipment; Process water recycling/reuse equipment; Precious heavy metal extraction and separation technology; and Advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

As Taiwan retains its major manufacturing base for electronics and electrical equipment, advanced pollution control equipment and technologies for the high-tech manufacturing sector will continue to be in great demand. In addition, the six year national plan to increase household connection rates to public sewage systems will continue to increase the demand for advanced wastewater treatment technologies.

  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)