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The healthcare sector continues to be an attractive, if challenging, market. The demand for medical equipment is considerable and depends largely on imported goods. The living standard of the population is improving, albeit extremely slowly. Simultaneously, there has been an increased incidence in reporting of hypertension, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and allergies.

Construction of new public hospitals and private clinics will cause an increase in the demand for medical equipment and supplies.

Algerians are increasingly conscious of cutting-edge medical services, such as laser corrective eye surgeries, panoramic dental radiology, and cosmetic surgery. U.S. technology and products are often perceived as high quality, and the strong Euro makes U.S. products price-competitive.

Best Products/Services: Medical equipment and supplies, including diagnostics; Hospital and outpatient clinic design and construction service; Hospital and medical office administration software and solutions; and Low-intensity cosmetic surgery.

The government continues to build public hospitals that will need to be outfitted. Algerians increasingly turn to private clinics for outpatient care. Opportunities will increase for the design and management of such facilities, as well as cutting edge diagnostic and treatment equipment. Cosmetic surgery is not yet common, but consumer interest could boom.

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