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Overview: The Brazilian government is about to announce major changes for the Brazilian airport sector as it prepares for the privatization of two main airports in Brazil: International Airport of Galeão located in Rio de Janeiro and Viracopos Airport located in Campinas, State of São Paulo.

There are several national and international companies interested in the airport privatization such as Construtora Camargo Correa, Contrutora Norbet Odebrecht, OHL, and others. The Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) is currently analyzing the privatization model for both airports and hopes to have conditions to release the public tender for Viracopos and Galeão shortly.

INFRAERO is responsible for designing, building, operating and managing 67 airports and 81 navigation support stations, all of which have air traffic control, telecommunications services, and flight protection systems and services. INFRAERO is headquartered in Brasília and has seven regional business centers located in Belém, Brasilia, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. According to INFRAERO’s president, Brig. Cleonilson Nicásio, in 2009 INFRAERO should continue its investments to modernize its airports. Because Brazil will host the World cup in 2014, investments in the airport sector are a priority.

The Acceleration Growth Program (PAC) for the airport sector foresees investments of US$ 3 billion until 2012. PAC concentrates investments on 20 airports and four cargo terminals in Brazil.

Mid West region: The International Airport in Brasilia should receive investments around US$ 170 million to build a new terminal and tarmac. The Airports in Goiania and in Mato Grosso will receive resources to increase the passenger terminal capacity.

North Region: The Airports in the North region should receive investments around US$ 45 million. Infraero will increase the passenger terminal capacity at the airport of Boa Vista and the airport of Macapá.

Northeast Region: The airports in the Northeast region will receive investments around US$80 million. Infraero will build a new airport in São Gonçalo do Amarante, Natal. For the airport in Fortaleza, Infraero will build a cargo terminal and control tower. The airport in Recife will receive four new passenger bridges.

Southeast Region: Infraero will build a new cargo terminal at the airport in Vitória and expand its passenger terminal capacity. The International Airport Tom Jobim in Rio de Janeiro will receive US$ 280 million investment to modernize the passenger terminal and the tarmac. Guarulhos International Airport: It includes construction of a third passenger terminal, as well as extension of the tarmac and equipment purchases. The project has excellent opportunities for US suppliers of airport security and ground support equipment such as access controls, non-intrusive drug and explosive detectors, metal detectors, mobile boarding bridges, baggage handling equipment, and products and technologies that lessen environmental impact. The project was suspended last year and should be reopened shortly.

South Region:
The airport in the south region will receive investments around US$ 250 million. The airport in Curitiba is modernizing the tarmac area, the runway and the taxiway. The estimated US$ 147 million Florianopólis International Airport project that includes construction of a new passenger terminal has been delayed due to several problems during the public tender process. The government expects to reinitiate the project shortly.

US companies primarily compete with Finnish, French, German and Canadian companies. The most competitive firms generally provide the most attractive financing arrangements. The best prospects for US suppliers are: flight protection systems, passenger bridges; equipment for drug and explosive detectors; baggage X-rays; radar systems; and baggage handling equipment. As most first-order procurement is through Brazil’s formal bidding process, International companies must have a local Brazilian representative.


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