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Global Impact has an extensive partner network of high quality distribution warehouses capable of handling all types of product from dry to cold storage distribution world-wide.

Schedule B and HS Numbers
The Harmonized System (HS) assigns a 6 digit number to each product that is traded internationally. Each country can assign, on its own, four additional numbers, making the entire number 10 digits. The United States does this with its Schedule B system. These classifications determine the duty (“tax”) charges on exports when entering the destination country.
Global Impact can assist your firm in auditing for proper classification to ensure proper duties are applied.

Tariffs and Import Fees
Proper classification (HS Numbers / Schedule B) are imperative to ensure your customer (or you) are not paying a higher duty (“tax”) levied by governments on the value of products imported from one country into another than required on your product.
A higher duty could be due, if the product is mis-classified, or you are unaware of the various “Free Trade Agreements” in existence throughout the world. Let Global Impact ensure you are paying your fair share of duties and not more that required.

Export Document Preparation Services
There are many documents that have to accompany export shipments. If any of these are not properly filled out, there is a large probability that your shipment could be “held up” at customs until this is corrected.

Global Impact can review and train your in-house staff to ensure proper documentation does not “stop” your shipment at the border.

  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)