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Let Global Impact Consulting experts guide you… through the investment options available to foreign national investors looking to obtain U.S Permanent Residency

The most expeditious and streamlined path for U.S Permanent Residency for foreign national investors and their families is the U.S. Federal Government’s EB-5 Investment immigration Program.

The United States Federal Government created the EB-5 Visa to encourage foreigners to invest in the U.S. The program requires an investor to invest $1million or $500,000 in certain locations into a business in the USA that would create 10 full time jobs paying at least the minimum wage. Once done, the investor and his or her family would be entitled permanent residence in the USA, "Green Card."

Potential immigrant investors also have a second more passive option other than a direct start up or purchase of an ongoing business under the Regional Center Program.

Under the Region Center Program, the investor would invest into a pre-existing fund, or Management Company or Business as approved by the U.S. government. These Regional Centers are typically diversified funds or private Business development projects that allow for an investor to infuse a set investment and in return acquire a small ownership interest. The Regional Centers must utilize this foreign infused investment to create 10 U.S direct or indirect jobs.

In creating the Immigrant Investor Program, Congress mandated a reserve of 3,000 of the 10,000 allocated visas for foreigners investing in designated regional centers across the United States.

The Regional center investment gives investors a safe and secure option for permanent residency. However investors need to be aware that the number of Regional Centers that have been approved in the past year has dramatically risen and immigrant investors must be careful when selecting a Regional Center for investment.

We at Global Impact Consulting have a wealth of experience in this immigrate investor program.  Let us guide you through process and assist you in evaluating individual investment opportunities and/or the opportunities for investment at the over 80 currently certified Regional Centers throughout the U.S.

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  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)