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Information and Counseling
Successful exporters know who they need to get the information and guidance they can trust to make sound business decisions. Global Impact provides companies with reliable information and personalized counseling at every step of the exporting process – from strategy and planning to financing and logistics to market entry and expansion to advocacy and dispute resolution.

Strategy and Planning
Need a cost-effective international business plan ?
An international business plan that includes a strategy for entering or expanding into targeted markets is critical to your success in the global marketplace. Global Impact provides companies with cost-effective resources to help you develop an international business plan that produces results.

Already have an international business plan?
Global Impact can have our experts review your international business plan and provide suggestions and cost-effective solutions to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We can also confidentially review your strategy for entering or expanding into targeted markets and offer suggestions and solutions to ensure you have the best marketing mix.

Market Research and Due Diligence
Accurate, up-to-date market intelligence is essential for your company to target the best international market opportunities and make informed business decisions when evaluating potential global business partners. You can leverage the knowledge and resources of Global Impact by tapping into our vast network of experts, contacts and partners across the globe to get world-class market intelligence.

Customized Market Research Services: Global Impact can assess the market potential of your product/ services in a given market and prepare a report according to your specific business needs.
Identify and evaluate key market dynamics, opportunities and challenges
Address your particular questions regarding the market for your products/services

Due Diligence Reports on Overseas Business Partners: Global Impact has the ability to investigate the capabilities, legitimacy and financial strength of a potential overseas business partner and provide useful information gleaned from government, industry and financial contacts, the local press and other sources.

Web Site Conceptualization, Design & Build

Global Impact can guide you from concept to finished website, an essential business tool for every 21st century business. Your website is a living and breathing representation of yourself and your company. Visitors to your website will make judgments on both you and your services based on what they see and experience while on your website.

This is why you must make a great first impression with the website you have created and choose to share with the world. Let the Global Impact professional website designers show you how to refine, improve or build a new world class website.

Advertising and Promotional Events

Once you’ve developed an international business plan and targeted the best international market opportunities, the next step is to ensure that potential customers and business partners recognize the existence, availability and benefits of your company's products/services. You can leverage the credibility and influence of Global Impact and our global network of international business experts, contacts and partners to increase your brand awareness and market exposure in countries around the world.

Organize a promotional event with the credibility and influence: From product launches to technical seminars to cocktail receptions, Global Impact can help you organize a promotional event to reach a target audience of clients, potential business partners or key decision-makers in markets around the world.

Market Entry and Expansion
Leverage the expertise, resources and connections of Global Impact to find and establish business relationships with potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners world-wide. Learn about the methods, channels and other considerations of market entry/expansion:

Find potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners globally: Global Impact partners located in countries around the globe can save you valuable time and money by conducting an international partner search in a specific market to find potential agents, distributors or other strategic partners.

Get long-term, sustained market entry/expansion support: Global Impact with partners located around the globe can provide you with market entry/expansion support specifically tailored to your unique needs. We can help design and implement a market entry/expansion strategy and assign a single point of contact to provide long-term, focused support to help you succeed.

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