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Expanding or Establishing a Global Facility

Let Global Impact guide your firm when exploring investing in the US, or globally.

Almost all government development agencies, both US and foreign, provide a multitude of direct cash grants, tax incentives, training incentives and numerous other incentives dependent upon the size and industry of the investment.

Don’t “leave money on the table” when you are negotiating a facility investment location decision, let Global Impact draw on our extensive knowledge of government assistance available to your firm....if you ask for it ! Global Impact Consulting is one the best company for international finance consulting services and international finance advisory services.

Trade Financing

Let Global Impact guide you through the various public and private financing programs and determine which is best for your firm to pursue.


Global Impact can explain the programs available to your firm that will cover export transactions and for foreign investments. Coverage can include losses for non-payment, currency inconvertibility, asset expropriation and political violence.

  2012 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2012)